I did it.

Guys. I can’t even think right now and my cheeks hurt from smiling so much, but guess what?!

My book is out there!

That’s right, Unforeseen went live this morning. I had a super crazy day stalking my kdp site and cleaning so I haven’t had much time on the laptop or I would have told all of you earlier.


Anyways, here’s the link if you’re interested.



I still can’t get over the fact that I published a book. I spent the past week chained to my laptop to get proofs and formatting done (which was a huge headache by the way), but it’s done.

So, on to book two!


The never-ending process

So my laptop is fixed and the computer guy put Word on it for me, which makes my life so much easier! I’m halfway through final edits of Unforeseen, the plots for books two and three and coming along nicely though I need to tie in book two with the overarching plot and then actually write the darn things.

But I’ve been doing my research for what’s coming next and my eyes have been opened. I thought writing and editing was the hardest part, but there’s also proofreading, formatting, writing acknowledgements, dedications (I’m sure I’m missing something),  before I can even think of publishing and marketing strategies. But the hard part is done, right?

I need some Dr. Pepper and pretzels to get through this process.