Current Works

On this page, you get to learn all about what’s going on in my head!  I have quite a few works in progress, which I’ll give you all the information on here.

Protecting Angels: The Wild One

Fantasy, YA, Third? Fourth? Seventh? Draft

Skye Alderwood is a special member of a shapeshifting race, the Pegi.  She can transform from a human to a horse at will and her race has one job: protecting Angels.  Right before leaving for the Angel Academy, her herd is attacked, her family vanishes and she is rescued by a moody Angel named Micah that doesn’t seem to want anything to do with her, despite their connection.  Skye’s problems multiply when other Pegi start vanishing from the Academy and a mysterious prophecy is revealed to be about her.  With the help of her friends, Skye is determined to find her family and friends and pass all of her classes, despite the threat to her life.


Currently, Angels has been sent to a dear friend, who is going through 430 double-spaced pages and trying to tame this monster. That’s two and a half years of hard work and I can’t wait to see what happens to it.

Unforeseen Cover

Unforeseen is now available for sale on Amazon as of 5/28/16! You can buy it right here for $2.99 or free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Here’s the blurb:

Thanks to genetic modification, the dream of the first perfect generation has finally been realized. But not everyone is happy about the scientific breakthrough…

Octavia is an Elite girl with the wrong dress size, shape, and coloring. Nothing about her is fashionable. She dreams of working as a nurse rather than shopping and socializing. She is continually at odds with her mother, who is willing to suffer anything to meet the beauty standard. Even a proposal from one of the Elite’s most prestigious young men is not enough to spare Octavia from her mother’s regimen of strenuous dieting, and body-altering clothing.

Brandon is too pretty and tall to be the average middle-class boy. He finds life as a farmer’s son boring, and spends late nights at the Pits fighting to make extra money or spreading seditious papers around the slums, all to turn the head of a pretty girl. He enlists in the military to escape, but quickly learns it’s not the adventure he was looking for.

Though polar opposites, these nineteen-year-olds have two unique things in common: their lack of beauty standard compliance, and they were switched at birth. When the switch is discovered and rectified, Brandon and Octavia must learn to adjust to their new lots in life. But a mutual acquaintance has other plans for the two citizens, and will use their changes in class to fuel a revolution.


Halfway through NaNo and my brain gives me an awesome project. A girl travels to a renaissance fair, participates in a magic show and gets transported to another realm. Luckily, she’s always prepared, and has her Mary Poppins bag with her. The band of thieves that finds her think she’s a witch, and press her into joining their crew. She does, mostly because survival is a lot harder than the tv shows, books and movies portray (seriously, Katniss never had this much trouble!), but actually perform magic and help the criminals? She didn’t believe in it until she wound up in this mess. Their lives might depend on it though, as an actual magic user is getting jealous of the new girl’s fame.


Unprepared (working title) is the second book in the Finding Paradise Trilogy. It’s not completely plotted out, but I’m working on chapter three. This book picks up where Unforeseen left off, but with two new main characters. Don’t worry, your favorite characters from Unforeseen are still involved (Brandon just loves to talk to me) but I can’t promise who will stick around… *insert evil laughter*

I’m also plotting out the last book in the trilogy, and perhaps a few novellas that take place in between books, but they’re still very vague. There are a couple plot points that are very clear in my mind, I’m just not sure how they’re going to come about. Or how it all ends. But they surprised me, so I hope they surprise you as well!





2 thoughts on “Current Works

  1. I love your creativity, and the fact that you’re able to do what I always dreamed of being able to motivate me to complete all my blogging and all my writings…would love to hear any advice or suggestions you have for me…..2 catch up with you?

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