Publishing… so many options, so many opinions

Final edits are done *throws confetti* I’m currently waiting on one more read through by a friend before I got through to do proofreading and formatting, before hitting the publish button. Whoah.

I’ve been working on my blurb which is way harder than writing the entire novel, by the way, and I’ll share it at the end of this post. What I’m worrying about today is publishing. Obviously, I’ll be using Amazon, but should I enroll in Kindle Select? I asked a large group of writers I’m in, a lot of which are indie published, and have received mixed reviews about it. What are your thoughts? Opinions?

I’m beginning to realize that writing the book is the easy part. The real work comes long after the ink is dry on the page.

Here’s my blurb, as promised, though I’m still not completely satisfied with it. Any critique would be appreciated.

For the citizens of colony 412, most of them live their lives outside of Paradise’s wall, never to see where the richest of the colony live. Most have accepted their lot in life. Some citizens live right outside the wall, some a few miles away, but all know their place. Citizens die in the classes they are born in, with almost no chance of bettering their lot in life. Not without a helping hand.

Nineteen-year-old Brandon Fletcher and Octavia Salzman are polar opposites except for two commonalities. One, they don’t meet standard beauty requirements for their class, and two, they were switched at birth.

Octavia is an Elite girl with the wrong dress size, shape, and coloring. Nothing about her is fashionable. In fact, she’d rather be working as a nurse than shopping or socializing. She’s continually at odds with her mother, who is willing to suffer to meet the beauty standard, and forces her views on her daughter with strenuous dieting, and body-altering clothing. Still, it’s never enough. Not even a surprising proposal by one of the Elite’s wealthiest young men helps them bond. If anything, it puts more pressure on Octavia.

Brandon is too pretty and tall to be the average middle-class boy. He finds life as a farmer’s son boring, and spends late nights at the Pits fighting to make extra money or spreading seditious papers around the slums, all to turn the head of a pretty girl. He’s enlisted in the military, but quickly learns it’s not the adventure he was looking for.

When the switch is discovered and rectified, Brandon and Octavia must learn to adjust to their new lots in life. But a mutual acquaintance has other plans for the two citizens, and will use their changes in fate to start a revolution.


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