The never-ending process

So my laptop is fixed and the computer guy put Word on it for me, which makes my life so much easier! I’m halfway through final edits of Unforeseen, the plots for books two and three and coming along nicely though I need to tie in book two with the overarching plot and then actually write the darn things.

But I’ve been doing my research for what’s coming next and my eyes have been opened. I thought writing and editing was the hardest part, but there’s also proofreading, formatting, writing acknowledgements, dedications (I’m sure I’m missing something),  before I can even think of publishing and marketing strategies. But the hard part is done, right?

I need some Dr. Pepper and pretzels to get through this process.


Sad Day

So remember how excited I was to get those edits back? Well, I got them yesterday, which is the day my laptop flashed me the BSoD and has refused to turn on since.

I’ve been mourning my little refurbished laptop in between looking at Bluetooth keyboards for my Kindle since another laptop just isn’t in the cards right now. Any recommendations? But for the time being, I’m going to put Unforeseen up on Wattpad and try to build up a following.

If you’re interested in checking this story out, here’s the link to the first three chapters. I’ll post more next week sometime.

Here’s the link. Feel free to tell your friends. A couple votes would go a long way in cheering me up 🙂